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Blue Lake Homes LLC is a provider of 24-hour customized living services, specializing in mental health services in Hennepin, Minnesota.

Our Mission Statement

It is our mission at Blue Lake Homes LLC to become the leading customized living services provider in the country. We aim to do this through a combination of high-industry standards compliance, emphasis on mental health services, cost-effective and innovative services, top-notch caregiving team, and a caring environment built on compassion and respect.

Our Vision Statement

We envision Blue Lake Homes LLC to be a significant contributor to a healthier senior population in the Hennepin country in Minnesota and the surrounding cities by providing the community with another care option.

At Blue Lake Homes LLC, we strive to provide high-quality, 24-hour customized living care services to individuals, their families, and the whole community within the age range of 20 to 62 years old.

Aside from the services that you would expect from a customized living facility, we are advocates for mental health services and their need to be ever-present in conjunction with the delivery of other care services. Thus, along with our mental health diagnosis services, we also offer medical diagnoses, as well as activities of daily living services, companionship care, and the like.

Our Commitment to Mental Health

This emphasis on mental health services is long overdue. All over the world, some of the leading causes of diseases are mental disorders. Indeed, the burden of care that comes with mental illness is among the highest of all diseases. A mentally ill person requires round the clock attendance lest they are a harm to themselves and others. The connection between mental health and physical health is clear and an attack on mental health is an attack on physical health and vice versa. Ultimately, both should be safeguarded to ensure a healthy nation.

Please be informed that Blue Lake Homes LLC is not a GRH-approved facility.

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