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At Blue Lake Homes LLC, we believe in care that is rooted in compassion above anything else as we specialize in and advocate for mental health services. Thus, we make sure that every service we offer is made with the utmost respect and understanding of your loved one’s situation.

Moreover, far from providing generalized, unchanging assistance, we make sure that every individual under our care has a fully customizable care plan based on where they are in their healthcare journey. This combination of care—one that puts your loved one first and is ultimately customizable is our promise to you.

Our services are available for individuals, families, and the elderly ages 20 to 62 years old. We offer a combination of everything from mental health services (diagnoses, management, and/or treatment) to assistance in activities of daily living. Along with these services, you can expect a top-notch caregiving team and a caring environment built on compassion and respect.

Among the services we provide include but are not limited to:

Important to note:

Room and board rates at Blue Lake Homes LLC begin at $585.00.
Our group home is not a GRH-approved facility.

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